Paul Whiffen

I have been working in KM for 20 years, including Head of KM for three organisations in different sectors. I understand the theory and know how to make KM real and effective from experience gained in both leadership and supporting consultancy.


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Knowledge Sharing Communities

I have been working in KM for over 23 years and Communities (typically Communities of Practice, though variations are possible) are still amongst my favourite aspects of a learning organisation.

They are quite hard to start up and sustain in a good way, but when they work well they add so much value for both individuals and the organisations in which they work. In simple terms, Communities allow peer practitioners within an organisation to find each other, connect, ask for help and offer advice.

In these difficult times, as organisations adapt to the challenges from Covid 19, the potential for effective Communities made up of individuals working remotely from their colleagues is huge. What does this mean in practice?